Career Check-in: 2.5 Years

So, I’ve been working as a software developer for 2.5 years now. I’ve learnt quite a lot of things along the way, and I wanted to write about the single most important thing that every software engineer NEEDS to use throughout their careers – whether that’s a “professional in an Read more…

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Code Examples

Video Compression

Edit (19/01/2013) I have edited this post on the above date. However, the only change that I have made is that I am now hosting the source code (found at the end of this post) on GitHub. This means, that if I need to make a change to the code, I do Read more…

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Conflicting Emotions

Note: this post was delayed by one day on account of my Internet connection going down Happy Returns? Today was my 25th birthday. One quarter of a century has past since I was born. One score and five years ago, I came forth into this world. All right, enough of Read more…

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