AABA and The Blues

AABA? Over the past few months I’ve been watching, rather religiously, Brentalfloss’ Lyrics 101 series. Although, I haven’t taken part in the assignments directly, I’ve been using these amazing videos to enhance my own writing skills. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an embed for the Read more…

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I’ll leave you all with this, just before I get an extremely early night:   Oblivion Barely seconds away, I feel the icy pull, Elevating me. Slumber As I pass into the depth, I feel nothing but peace, Soon it will all be over. Breathless My heart pumps hard, My Read more…

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How To's

Harvard Referencing

A friend asked me today, “wanted to ask for your helpful points when it comes to doing harvard referencing (bibliography)” I figured that he asked me, rather than another of our mutual friends – who is educated to a much higher level in the matters of prose – because I was Read more…

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