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A New Year, new goals and a new PSU

Welcome back

Firstly, I hope that your end of year celebrations (both festive and annual) went well.

Secondly, yes, my self imposed social networking exile is over. Which means, I’ll be lost in a deluge of twitter posts and facebook messages for the next few months, trying to catch up; ironically making me further behind. So, wish me luck.


One of the (several) reasons for me not posting and enjoying the whole social network ‘experience’ was that the power supply unit in my PC died. Just plum gave up the ghost. It was second hand when I got it, and the guy I got it from has told me that it might have been a few years old at the time. Considering that was 3 years ago, it had lasted quite a long time running at more than 100% capacity – I never knew that it’s maximum output was 500 watts, and ended up dragging nearly 600 out of it, on a daily basis, for 2 years. Whoops – Anyway I’ve managed to get myself a shiny new 650 watt one, and it’s working beautifully.

Having had to reinstall my OS‘s (something I try to do once a year, regardless. I’ll explain at a later date why I do that so frequently), I’ve just gotten back online in the past few days. I dread to think of the amount of bandwidth I’ve used, having installed a whole bunch of games off of Steam. Oh well internet based installers have their draw backs, too.

I suppose you’re all wondering what I’ve been up to recently.

Don’t call it a comeback

The lead up to Christmas was, mostly, uneventful. Although, I did have a creative explosion; which I’ll share with you this week.

I broke for the Christmas period a day before Christmas Eve (some might call that ‘Christmas Eve Eve’). So while most of my friends were at work, I was chilling at home with very little to do.

I did visit a friend of mine more than a few times. He’d taken a tumble and broken his hip, and I thought I’d go over and keep him company when I could. He seems to be doing a lot better, recently (that being said, I didn’t manage to get to see him today. Here’s hoping you’re doing ok.Although I could just text him, now… Oh wait, my phone is out of power.’ Enough of this internal monologue, get on with the post)

Christmas day came and went. Mostly, uneventfully – as it always seems to do for me – and the approach of the New Year hastened. My friend Danny put it best when he said, ‘I don’t see the point of getting too excited. It’s just the changing of a calendar. Chinese New Year, however, means something.’ So there’s that.

I remember my first act of 2011 was to use the facilities, and write a little about my feelings in my journal/idea’s book. So, that’s about it.

Literally literature

Aside from all of that, I’ve been reading a lot.

I was given a copy of Simon Pegg‘s book, ‘Nerd Do Well‘ for Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I think that all of you will, too. Assuming you have a working knowledge of any of his work thus far this century. I know what you’re thinking, “A biography!? But he’s only a young ‘un!” and You’re quite right, that’s why this one has a thematic twist. I’ll not give it away, so go read it, and you’ll find out what it is.

I also was given a book called ‘Mock the Week: The New Year’s Book‘, imagine a book full of witty ‘Things you wouldn’t expect to see/hear on a…’ and you’ve got the thrust of it.

Reading both of these two, over the course of about two days, left me with a hunger that could only be satisfied by more literature. So, I dove into my books boxes (note: plural) that have been hidden under my bed, untouched for some time and dug out a few that I’ve not read in a while.

One of which is this beauty:

Cover of The Book of the Samurai

Image via Wikipedia

This book is full of outdated advice to the Katana equipped gentleman of the late Meiji period, regarding day to day life. It was written by a Samurai in exile and his student during the 1700s. And contains such impressive advice as:

It is bad taste to yawn in front of people. When one has to unexpectedly yawn, if he rubs his forehead in an upward direction, the sensation will stop. If that does not work, he can lick his lips while keeping his mouth closed, or simply hide is with his hands or sleeve in such a way that no one will know what he is doing.

Not bad, eh?

Another one I’ll be reading is:

Cover of "The Lone Samurai: The Life of M...

Cover via Amazon

Which is the biography of , in my opinion, the greatest Martial Artist, Swordsman, and Painter the world has ever seen. Miyamoto Mushashi. I really enjoyed this book when I first read it (‘… erm… 4 years ago!? That sounds about right.‘) 4 years ago, mostly on the journey to my friend, Leigh’s house .

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there. Mostly because my internet connection has gone down. (‘Using too much bandwidth again, I suppose. My ISP will be on my ass for using up… HOW MUCH BANDWIDTH!?‘) I’ll let you in on the secret as to how I posted this without an active internet connection later. For now, though, go in peace, my friends.



Before I talk about anything, I want to tell you all that I’m still on hiatus.

Firstly, I apologise for the non ASCII name for this post… actually, scrap that. If you’re still running an operating system that doesn’t have support for unicode characters, then I have no apologies to make.

In case you were wondering, it’s Japanese for ‘Don’t Give Up’, and you read it ‘Makenaide’ (MA as in Mackerel, KE as in Kent, Na as in Nando’s, I and in Ear, and De as in Décor). That make sense?

With that being said…

I couldn’t go past the Christmas period without making a post wishing you all a happy holiday now, could I? Well, I suppose that I could, but it wouldn’t be very nice. Would it?

Whilst some of you know already, I am not a follower of the Christian religion (neither the main sect or the many off shoots appeal to me). But this does not, and has not ever stopped me from expressing people who are Christian a hope that their Winter festival and celebrations go smoothly and provide them with happiness. To be honest, this is the same with me for any religion. You find faith in something? Awesome. Seriously, this is an amazing thing, and I feel inspired by some of the people I speak to, when speaking about their religious beliefs.

My point is this: religion surrounds us. There is no getting away from that fact. But, I feel that we can (and should) exercise a little more religious tolerance. Just because someone believes in something, this does not make them a bad person. The same can be said for people who claim not to believe in anything. Although, sometimes, when people claim to be an Atheist they actually mean Agnostic.

Either way, less of this talk on religion. I’ll leave the subject behind with this last comment: what we believe in is only a small part of who we are. Yes, it colours our views on what we think is ethically and morally right or wrong. But most of the religions practised today have a shared sense of moral and ethical behaviour. In my opinion, that is.

Now then, Christmas.

A time for religious celebrations, family unity, and fun. All I really wanted to do was post a message of happiness, hope, love and fun to all in this world over the next few weeks.

“The next few weeks!? But Christmas day is tomorrow. Why so late?”

Well, I find that the lead up to Christmas is quite nice, but I like to focus on the days after Christmas. the lead up to the New Year.

So with that in mind (and a rather rambling post, with no real internal consistency), I wish you all

Side note:

Just because I’ve not been online, doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up with my writing. I’ve been sure to take my ideas book with me where ever I go. Most of the ideas have been pretty abysmal, but there have been more than 1 or 2 that have stuck out, and pretty good. Once I have a few of them fleshed out, I’ll be sticking them up on here, and on my site as demo’s for 7Minus.

Until then, have fun.