Jamie is a computer programmer with a penchant for things techy and Japanese; which is handy, because he can speak Japanese. That is, things that are techy, things that are Japanese, and things in between. He is also a staunch supporter of the Free Software Foundation, open source and the GNU public license.

He loves film. In fact he witters on and on about his favourite films, and why certain films don’t actually exist (“There’s no such thing as Episodes 1-3 of the Star Wars franchise. As the governor of my own country, I refuse to acknowledge their existence.”)

He loves music. Many has been the day, when he has squealed with delight upon finding some new piece of music or a band (Studio Apartment and Oriental Express being two prime examples. Jamie said that you should check them both out), or rediscovers a piece he knows quite well (‘Jagged Little Pill’ and ‘Rubber Soul’ being more examples)

He doesn’t really understand art, but enjoys looking at photographs and paintings – especially those by Salvador Dali, for some reason. He doesn’t like paintings that look too real, though. They tend to freak him out, and make him want to run away. Long exposure night photography seems to be his favourite, he really likes the trails that people and lights leave on long exposure photography.

He’s a big fan of hanging out with his friends. Whether that means spending time with them at home, at a bar, at a restaurant or anything in between. As long as you are a friend of his, he’ll happily spend time with you almost anywhere.

His really big passion is video games. He loves playing them, talking about them, listening to the music from them, and programming them (when he gets time, that is). His favourites right now are the early Resident Evil titles (this being his favourite piece), Super Mario 64, Koei’s Warrior series (Samurai being the best) and Burning Rangers.

He is also a philanthropist, and would like you to have a cookie. 🙂

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