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 2017 Has Only Just Begun

Really I should have come up with a snappier title for this blog post, but I had no immediate ideas.

One of the fundamental laws of computer programming is that naming things is hard. That’s my excuse here, and that’s what I’m sticking to.

This should have been titled something like “what I’ve been up to since late 2016”, but I’ll shut up about titles now and get on with the actual content. I mean, that’s what you’ve come here to read, isn’t it?

New Horizons

Back on October 4th, I announced that I was working on a new blog and that it would cover all things .NET Core.

If you’re not sure what .NET Core is and you’re not a developer, don’t worry too much about it.

Since October 4th I’ve been putting up one post every week on that blog.

Er, which you can read here if you wish.

At the time of writing, that’s 21 weeks. Also at the time of writing, I have 22 articles posted. Those articles have not been short, either. Most of them have been around 2000 words, and have had code samples that went with them.

Some of them have been about a particular topic within .NET Core (like this one, for instance) while some have been multipart tutorials (here’s an example). I’ve even collaborated on something with a friend of mine, and written about it (here’s my article on his blog)

Zac’s article was posted to my blog, you can read it here.

Views? Who Cares About Views?

This next bit is a little braggy, so I apologise in advance.

That first month, I didn’t have many readers. Only around 900 or so.

Only 900?!

But at the beginning of November, the Google SEO juice kicked in. I started to get referenced in places, and was even re-blogged.

Re-blogging is when someone copies your content, shoves it onto their site, and sticks ads all over it. They get all of the SEO juice and ad revenue, and you get nothing.

I got the re-blogged article taken down within 24 hours, but it was still pretty cool to know that someone had noticed me and wanted to rip me off.

Even at the time of writing this article, .NET Core is still very new, so that’s probably the reason regardless of what my ego says.

Then I noticed that one of my articles

shameless plug, click here, shameless plug

had started to get picked up.

What I’d done is write about the .NET Standard, which was a brand new thing that month (kind of), so Google saw my post as a very good source of information on it and because of that I’ve had about 150 people view that page PER DAY since it was posted.

That’s crazy. And it beats the per day stats of my original tutorial posts for x264 and MeGui.

Which still do very well, thank you very much.

External Stuff

On the back of that, I was published on Medium. Ok, they’re re-works of some of the posts I wrote for the .NET Core blog, but it’s still pretty good, right?

They’ve also been read thousands of times. Eep. 

Oh I was on a podcast about programming, too. Episode 8, as well.

We all know that the first 10 episodes is where it’s at.

I even have a really cool Cynical Developer T-Shirt:

More Blogs? Sure Why Not?

On top of all of that, I’ve put together a new blog with my brother. The aim of The Gaming Waffles of the Taylor Boys is for the pair of us to write about all of the games that we used to play or look forward to playing.

There’s already an article on there all about Super Mario Bros. and one about Resident Evil 7 (which was published before the game was released)

It’s fun stuff, not serious video games reviews or critiques. Just us discussing our favourite games and why we like them so much.

We’re also looking to get some guests on the blog, too. That’ll be neat.

There aren’t that many articles on there as of yet, but that’s because it’s still a pretty young blog and we’re trying to pace the content out.

There’s no point spending a weekend writing tens of articles and publishing them all at once. That’s not how it works for blogs. Consistently often, that’s the key.

It’s definitely worth taking a look and keeping a keen eye on it as it grows.

Any Others?

Those are just two of the projects I’m working on at the moment, of the ones I’m allowed to talk about.

It’s all a bit hush hush, right now.

I’ll write about the others in time. But they’ll have to remain sneaky and secret for now.

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