I’ve been working on a Javascript game for a while and thought I’d show a (very early) screen shot and discuss it a little.

What does it look like?

Run Away is still in early graphical development (because I suck a designing assets), so I’ve made use of some freely available graphical assets.

Run Away screen shot

An extremely early version of Run Away, using freely available graphical assets

In the screenshot, the score can be seen in the upper left corner, the game over message in the centre of the screen, and the hero (having been caught by the monster) in the lower centre of the screen.

How do you play Run Away?

Currently, the only game mode is a survival mode, of sorts. The aim of the game is to not let the monster capture the hero. The hero will become fatigued and slows down as he runs away from the monster and must stop occasionally to catch his breath.

The monster will keep chasing until it catches the hero, or becomes fatigued. When the monster is fatigued, it will slow to a crawl in order to catch it’s breath.

That’s it, basically.

How does it work?

The game is rendered on a HTML5 canvas, and the game logic is written in JavaScript. The use of HTML5 means that support for versions of Internet Explorer before 9 is non-existent (loading the game on an earlier version of Internet Explorer will give a blank screen), but I’m ok with this as Microsoft no longer support those browser versions.

when will it be released?

As with my website redesign announcement from yesterday, it’ll be done when it’s done. However, I will be asking specific folks whether they’d be willing to user test it for me.

Once I’ve done a private beta test, I’ll post an entry announcing a public beta test. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement folks.

Until then, stay frosty.


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