So I decided to redesign my landing page.

The one found over here: [LINK]


When I originally wrote it, I didn’t have a great knowledge of HTML, CSS and the like. However, since then I’ve been improving my knowledge and skills with those languages, JavaScript and responsive site design.


Responsive web design has been a big thing for a while now. A responsive website is able to respond to changes in the viewport used to view it.

Imagine you’re looking at a website on a mobile device (say a tablet computer), you want the website’s design to make the most of the features available in the device you’re using. You also want the website to look different in landscape and portrait views.

This is what responsive web design means.

Where is it?

I’m still working on the code and design at the moment, but I’ve made it all freely available on my GitHub profile. There should be a link to my GitHub account on the side-nav, check out the project called “Website” and you’ll see what I’ve done so far.

Depending where you’re reading this, the side-nav might not be there. If there’s not side-nav, then here’s a handy link to my GitHub: [LINK]

It’s still early in the project – and I’m only building a landing page – so don’t expect fantastic features just yet. They’ll happen… eventually.

What’s the plan?

My blogs are responsive and so it GitHub, so it seemed silly to have a badly designed and unresponsive landing page/central hub for those things.

Plus, I want to bring together my blogs, GitHub, wiki and social links into one place. The current page has only two of those things (blogs and GitHub), provided as links via a collection of HTML5 canvas elements – meaning that the site wont work in older browsers.

When will it be live?

I don’t really like this quote, but it fits perfectly:

It’ll be done when it’s done

– 3D Realms, Blizzard, John Carmack, Gabe Newell, etc.

Once I’m happy with the design and layout of the site I’ll push the code to the server. It’ll be fun to see whether I get any more hits (probably not). Only time will tell, I guess.

I’d better get back to it, I guess.


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