So I’ve not written since March 12th… almost 3 months ago. What’s happened since then?

I’ve moved 60 miles, gotten myself a new job and ran a 9 minute mile.

A New Job?

That’s right. I’m only a week into my probationary period at the minute (3 months will fly by, right?). I really like the company, and they seem like a cool bunch of people to work with. I wont name them, but they’re a cool company who have won a whole bunch of awards for what they do.

Psst. They came up with [Twitition] as well as a bunch of other things.

The work is a slight departure from what I’m used to. Actually, scratch that. It’s still software development, it’s just in a slightly different target environment from what I’m used to.

I’ve written a lot of applications that run on specific operating systems. A lot of what these guys do is on the web/cloud. It’s the languages I’m used to, but on a platform that I’m not. This means it becomes a neat challenge to me.

Plus I get to stretch my JavaScript wings a little. I’ve not used much JavaScript recently – aside from the main page of my site [LINK]. Which reminds me that I really should get around to buying an SSL certificate at some point.

I really like the job, the people, and the office. Not to mention the location.

A 9 Minute Mile?

Yup. I’m just as shocked as you are. At the time of writing this, it was last night. I ran a 9 minute mile (the app I used actually reported it as 8 minutes and 56 seconds), then let out a little (read: “really loud”) “YES!” but kept going.

My next mile was 9 minutes 59 seconds. Followed by a 10 minute 20 second mile – on account of having to cross a busy road and there being lots of traffic. My final mile, if I’d have pushed through to a full mile (but I’d gotten back to where I started from, and decided that I’d ran enough), would have been a 9 minute 37 second one.

Here’s a [LINK], so you can see for yourself. The strange thing is that it’s all uphill climbs around here. I set off running up hill, continued to run uphill, then returned by running up hill.

There’s not news other than those two. I’m still training, and I’m hoping to run a 10K at some point before August. 10K is just over 6 miles, and I can run 3.4 miles in 33 minutes and 40-something seconds (on a good day). I’ve just got to up my stamina and I’ll be finishing a 10K in an hour and change.

Let’s do this!

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