I was deleting some spam comments, this morning, when I realised that it had been a long time since I’d updated. So here goes nothing:

where have you been, jamie?

Basically nowhere, I’ve just been really busy is all.

busy? doing what?


  • Working on translating a novel from Japanese to English
  • Adding more code to my GitHub page
  • Building a new website
  • Implementing a wiki for my projects

github projects?

Yup. I’ve now got 4, on going, projects on Github. Oh, and quite a few Gists (small code blocks). You should check them out [link to github]

new website?

Again, yes. I recently bought some web space and hosting from DreamHost – mainly because the webspace and hosting that I get from Another is very expensive for what I get. This means that I’ve been designing a new web site with several sub-domains. I’ve not implemented the main domain yet, but the sub-domains have been implemented.

You’re reading the sub-domain used for my blog, so I didn’t bother to link that.

translating a novel!?

That’s right. I bought a copy of 日本科学技術大学教授上田次郎のなぜベスト尽くさなきのか? (Japan Technology University’s Professor Ueda Jiro’s “Why Don’t You Do Your Best?”) last year, and had been playing with the idea of translating it to English for a while.

So, in May 2012 (that’s a whole year ago!?) I decided to start work on it. The first few months was spent setting up a LaTeX [link to wikipedia entry on LaTeX typesetting language] document; the translation proper started at the beginning of this year. I’ve managed to translated 14 pages of the Japanese original to English, so far.

a wiki huh?

What’s with all the questions? Also, yes.

I figured that it would be easier to discuss my projects (design decisions, reasons for using certain technologies/frameworks) via a wiki rather than occasional blog posts. That, and it would mean that I could foster two-way discussions on my projects.

Plus, I’ve always like the design used by MediaWiki [link to media wiki]

 Is that all?

Pretty much.

Oh! I decided to start playing Pokemon Leaf Green, in Japanese, as a way of getting daily reading practise. It seems to be going well, so far.

Well, I’d better be off. I’ve got some more translation to do.

Have fun,


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