Happy New Year all!

After a long period of not posting anything (aside from a tutorial post, shortly before Christmas, on how to use MakeMKV) for half a year, I’ve decided to post something new.

Shortly after the new year, I decided that this blog could do with a new theme, so I’ve changed it up a little. What do you think? I think that the typeface is a little easier to read, and that the extra width in the main column makes my code listings stand out a little better.

Speaking of which, I recently expanded my GitHub account to include Gists. Gists as tiny blocks of code that you can host on GitHub and post elsewhere, kind of like PasteBin and the like, except that you’re not supposed to post reams and reams of code – you’re only supposed to post enough so that the reader gets the gist of what’s going on. Get it?

Anyway, so I’ve gone through all of my code example listings on this blog and replaced most of the code listings with versions that are hosted on my GitHub Gists page. The reason I’ve done this is so that, if I need to change the code, I don’t need to change the contents of the post.

Anyway, I’d better get back to my Sunday. Have fun, y’all. I’ll try to get some time to post something new every week (even if t’s only a small amount).


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