So, I took up running back in March of this year. I’m not a runner by nature (post puberty, I’ve been more of a sitter to be fair), so keeping up a semi-regular schedule for running has been difficult. There have been days when it’s been too painful to walk, on account of my ankles; but I did it anyway.

Long term benefits ALWAYS out weight short term laziness – A life lesson

With that in mind – and seeing as I took a cheeky 1.4 mile run, just now – I thought that I’d take a look back at my running stats. I’ve used MapMyRun (along with the free android app for it) to log my running stats (length of run, speed of run, route of run, etc.)

Looking back at the data that the app has taken since March of this year had told me one thing: it’s possible for me to run 13 miles in 3 hours (aggregated, of course).

This means that if I keep up my (sporadic, at the minute) training, I should be able to run a half marathon in no time.

In the words of Oddball: “Positive waves, baby!”

If you’re interested at looking through my running stats, you can do so here [LINK – my running stats on MapMyRun]

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