This post is probably going to contain some Japanese characters. If they don’t display correctly for you, don’t worry too much, I’ll be putting Latin readings of the characters after each set of them. Although, you might want to look into enabling Asian characters in your browser and Operating System.

An idea came to me this morning:

I have a pretty big collection of music, and it’s pretty wide ranging in terms of genre. How about if I put up a post about a favourite track, with a short biography about the band?

Today’s suggestion is Rin’

紫のゆかり、ふたたび (Murusaki no Yukari, Futatabi)

Regardless of your stance on music, you need to listen to this track. It’s by Rin’, a group of traditional Japanese musicians who graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts back in 2003.

They play a whole bunch of instruments (including my favourite, the Samisen) but in a more contemporary style. This track is the opener for their final album (released in 2007),  「源氏ノスタルジー」(“Genji Nostalgia”) and it’s called 「紫のゆかり、ふたたび」(“Murusaki no Yukari, futatabi”). Enjoy

That’s how 「源氏ノスタルジー 」(“Genji Nostalgia”) opens, and it doesn’t shy away any after that. The track is named after the famous Japanese writer 紫 式部 (Murasaki Shikubu) who wrote,what is considered by most to be, the first Japanese epic tale 「源氏物語」(“The Tale of Genji“). The album is also named after the book.

All of their albums where released in Japan, except for “Inland Sea” which saw a European release. However, Inland Sea didn’t do so well in Europe they’re musical style has it’s own niche (think House music meets traditional Japanese music and you’re almost home).

I, personally prefer源氏ノスタルジー 」(“Genji Nostalgia”) and 「時空」”Jiku” (those who are fans of the anime Samurai Seven will recognise 「普遍」”Fuhen” as the theme song).


The band’s name comes from the English word “Ring”; which in Japanese is 和 (pronounced “Wa”). 和 means both “Ring” and “Japanese Style”, which is the goal of the band – to create a ring or circle of music.

All three members of Rin'

(Left to Right) Chie Arai, Mana Yoshinaga and Tomoca Nagasu (image taken from Avex Tracks, no infringement intended)

Chie and Mana both play the Koto, Sangen, and Jushichi-gen (a 17 stringed koto), and Tomoca plays Biwa and Shakuhachi (click the names of the instruments for images of them).

The official logo for the band (seen below) contains both the English word “Rin” and a Japanese character which can be read as “Rin”

The official logo of Rin'

Image taken from Wikipedia, no copyright infringements intented

Obviously, the characters that make up the word “Rin” can be seen by anyone who can read the Latin character set. However, the whole logo (minus the box it is in) is the following character:

The Kanji character for Rin

This is the Kanji character for Rin, used by the band as part of their official logo

On the 13th of February 2009, Rin’ released a statement on their website saying that they had disbanded. Their reason for disbanding was that they had achieved everything that they set out to achieve as a band.

If you get a chance, I would definitely check this band out. I’ll guarantee that you’ll like what you hear.

じゃあね (Until next time),


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