I just put up a post on my Japanese blog [link here], saying that I’ve just begun a translation of a Japanese document. Aside from the list of the Kanji that I used in the post, that’s all it says.

The reason for this (and the, possible blackout on here over the next few weeks) is because the Japanese used in the document is like no other I’ve ever had the chance to read (read: “it’s difficult for me to read”). I’m going to give it my all, though. I mean, what’s life without the challenge?

So, here’s to pulling (what little there is left of) my hair out over this translation.

Did I say that it’s a legal document?… No? Probably should have mentioned that.

I’ll allude as to why I’m translating this document – in my own free time – when I’m a little further into it, and once the shock has worn off.

Until then, toodles Tootles

Tootles is watching you

Tootles is watching you and is a little worried about what you're doing



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