Tomorrow afternoon, my Japanese blog [which can be found here] will auto publish a letter that I ‘wrote’ back in 2007. I say ‘wrote’, because it was part of a bigger piece of Japanese coursework.

I’m cross posting this in the hopes that some bi-lingual folk who might come across this post and decide to click through. They might not come across the original article (mainly because it hasn’t been posted yet) because my second blog is 3 days old – at least, at the time of writing this.

So, here goes. A translation of a translation:

In English

Alexiel, how are you?

Living in Hull is boring. Studying at the University of Hull is interesting. But studying Computer programming and Japanese (language) is difficult.

Hull (as a town) is fairly big.  And these days, it’s getting quite busy.

March 16th

From Jamie

I never said that it was an insightful or deep letter.

In Japanese

アレクシェル せんぱい、お 元気 です か。

ハル の せいかつ は 詰らない です。 しかし 私 の 勉強 に ハル の 大学 おもしろい です。

しかし コンピュター プログラミング と 日本語 の ぶんぽう は 私 に は むずかし です。

ハル の 町 は 可也 大きい です。 そした 今 とても 賑やか です。

三月 十六日

ジェイミー より。

So there you have it. A piece of coursework that I wrote back in 2007, in both English and Japanese.

For more tidbits like this (in Japanese), please visit my Japanese blog.

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