Suggestions Create Ideas

Based on something that was suggested, as part of an answer to this question that I posted, over on the Japanese Language Stack Exchange[1], I’ve started a Japanese blog.

You can find a link to my Japanese blog right here Japanesetimes. It’s my second WordPress hosted blog site, and I hope that I have as much fun coming up with posts and such in Japanese as I do in English.

I haven’t decided on a theme yet – doubtless, it’ll be whatever comes into my head as I sit at my keyboard, though. I’m going to try and keep it all about my Japanese language studies and maybe throw it a little bit about what I do for a living. Occasionally, I might provide a translated version over here, too. It all depends on what I think my readers [2] might want.

Also, I kind of like the Wikipedia-esque note system I’ve used in this post. I may have to use it again, rather than breaking sentences up with

seemingly random sidebar style notes

as this seems to break the flow of a paragraph; not to mention a sentence.

Ah, well. Until next time, yo



[1] Stack Exchange is an amazing website. Its a community wiki forum. You post a question on a valid section of it (and there are hundreds of areas), and you get expert knowledge back in the form answers. It’s really worth trying out, even if you just read through the questions (you don’t need to sign up to do that).

I’d recommend the Movies and TV page to start with, unless you’re a gamer then I’d recommend the Gamer site.

[2] There I go again, assuming that the Venn diagram of my users contains more than just me. Although, trawling through the sats on here tells me that I’ right. Most of my posts about programming and that one I did on converting jpg/png sets to epub/mobi seems to have a HUGE following (not counting the times I’ve come across copy/pasted version out there, of course). That particular post seems to be getting a steady 10-15 hits per day. Gotta love web crawlers and really bad search engines.

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