Firstly: no, it wasn’t Lupus. It’s  Lupus… aside from that one time when it was Lupus.
What I’m talking about is this: I was at the gym on Wednesday night. I was doing really well, too. When, suddenly, my my knee…

You’re going to stop now.


Because I said so.

Suddenly my knee hyper extended. Painful is not a word I’d use to describe it. I can’t really type the words that I used to describe it.
Let’s just say that my hyper mobility struck again and that it took me half an hour to hobble home. A half hour journey that takes 7 minutes, usually.
The lesson to take from this: DON’T HYPER EXTEND!
I can’t help hyper extending sometimes, because of my hyper mobility. But to all out there that might be reading this: please be careful not to hyper extend.
Until next time, be safe


Jamie is a .NET developer specialising in ASP.NET MVC websites and services, with a background in WinForms and Games Development. When not programming using .NET, he is either learning about .NET Core (and usually building something cross platform with it), speaking Japanese to anyone who'll listen, learning about languages, writing for this blog, or writing for a blog about Retro Gaming (which he runs with his brother)