Those of you who visit this website quite often will have realised by now that I really like to read. Some might call me a bibliophile.

When I think about it, thought, I worry that I don’t read enough to be classed as a hardcore bibliophile. But when I looked it up in my Cambridge Dictionary of English, it turns out that I had the meaning of Bibliophile wrong.

noun /’bɪə.faɪl/ [C] formal
a person who loves or collects books

Cambridge Dictionaries Online –

To that end, I suppose that I could be considered as a bibliophile.

Note to self: Choose whether to capitalize “bibliophile” for later posts.

What Have You Been Reading, Jamie?

I’ll tell you.

… In fact, I’ll show you.

Books with a nice Martial Successor Nadesico poster

As you can see, I’m currently reading quite a few books. For those who can’t pick out the names of some of these books (as I’d taken this photo from the other side of the room, without using the zoom function on my camera), here is a list:

  • Sourcery (Terry Pratchett)
  • The Last Continent (Terry Pratchett)
  • Interesting Times (Terry Pratchett)
  • Tricks of the Mind (Derren Brown)
  • Brainwashing (Kathleen Taylor)
  • Yotsubato! [in Japanese] (Azuma Kyoko)
  • The Samurai (Jonathan Clements)
  • Physics of the Impossible (Michio Kaku)
  • The Lone Samurai (William Wilson)
  • The Student’s Guide to Writing (John Peck and Martin Cole)
  • Azumanga Daioh Omnibus [in English] (Azuma Kyoko)
  • City Watch Trilogy (Terry Pratchett)
  • Nerd Do Well (Simon Pegg)
  • The august 2011 of Games Developer Magazine
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – The Book
  • The Making of “Thriller” (Douglas Kirkland)

And that doesn’t include the books that are currently loaded onto my Kindle. At the minute, I’m reading through “The Language Instinct” by Steven Pinker. It’s an excellent book about the science of Linguistics, which is something that I’m very interested in.

You’re Reading ALL of These?

Whilst it is true that I’m reading all of these books; I’m obviously not reading them all at the same time.

I read each issue of Game Developer Magazine from cover to cover, the day that it arrives.

The Pratchett books are purely for rainy evenings when I need a little escapism and a little laugh.

Yostubato! and Azumanga Daioh are perfect for when I have a little time to spare (when waiting on a phone call, or sitting on public transport, etc.)

The Samurai and The Lone Samurai are about my favourite of all subjects: Japanese History, and I’m taking my time reading through them. In fact, I have used both of these books (and others I might list at another time) as the basis for this post.

I’m working my way through the Curb book at the same time as re-watching the entire series of Curb. I’ll usually watch an episode, then read the section of the book related to that episode.

Tricks of the Mind is my current “pre-bed” book. I’ll settle myself down in bed with a nice cup of either Oolong Tea or Hot Cocoa and read an entire section of the book before retiring to sleep.

I was given Nerd Do Well for Christmas (2010) and read it in only a few hours. Then a friend borrowed it from me (is that illegal? I can never remember)… for over half a year. Since I got it back a few weeks back, I’ve been planning on re-reading it. Maybe next weekend.

That Is All

That’s all I’ve planned on sharing with you all today. This is only because I’m in the middle of listening to the whole of 2009 series of Just A Minute while typing this, and I’m getting distracted every few minutes.

Until next time, have fun,


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