I don’t mind that Google are collecting my information. From what I’ve seen on their privacy policy, they don’t intend to sell it on the the highest, lowest and any other bidder. That, and I’m not stupid enough to put sensitive data up on The Internet, anyway.

Yes, I’ve got a Google+ account. No, I wont send you an invite – unless I know you through something other than just posting a comment on here.

My only problem with Google collecting and collating my information is that, at some point in time, I’ve been logged into my gmail account and my brother has logged into his YouTube account on the same machine.

Normally this wouldn’t cause a problem, but since Google purchased the YouTube brand and site (a few years back), they’ve connected the two accounts, and my Google+ account has my brother’s date of birth.

I’ve looked into what I can do, and it turns out that I can’t really do that much. I can change the gmail account that his YouTube account is linked to, but people who have done that recently have had trouble. I might give that a go, and see what happens.

CD Keys are a thing of the past, surely.

My brother bought me a copy of Dead Space 2, recently. After installing it, I found that I was unable to activate it. Apparently the CD key that came with it was invalid. I’d even entered it both with and without the dashes.

What kind of key input screen doesn’t automatically insert dashes?

For some reason I kept being told by the activation software that my key was invalid. So, I went away and started typing an email to EA asking why my legitimate CD key was invalid. Part way through typing the email, a friend of mine told me that EA’s servers had gone down.

The software dials out to the server and checks my key against a database of un-registered cd keys. But, if the server is down when it tries to dial out to it, then it’ll return that my CD key is invalid

I left it for a little while (ironically, I booted into Linux and played a freeware game for an hour or so), then tried again. Miraculously, it worked.

I’m all for companies protecting their IP (Intellectual Property), but the route of harming the legitimate consumer must have passed by now. There’s gotta be a better way than constantly bugging the consumer and blaming them of piracy if an internal problem (that has nothing to do with the user) happens, surely.

I’d better take a look through some of my old University notes, and re-read a few academic texts.

As I’ve said (on more than a few occasions), I feel as though I have a really bad memory sometimes. Conversely, I can remember song lyrics, entire pieces of music, lines from movies, TV and fictional books very easily. I’m putting this down to repetition. I’m putting this down to repetition.

I see what you did there

I mean, how many times in a single day do I listen to any one of my favourite songs? How many times have I seen that episode of some TV show? How many times have I read that book?

Probably quite a lot

But how many times did I read that text book on GPU programming? How many times did I read the book on Prolog that I bought for £40? How many times have I even read Rob Miles’ C# book? How many times did I read the steps for conjugating Japanese verb forms?

Sadly, not that many times

So, today I started re-reading a book on advanced 3D mathematics. I remember most of it, but I thought that I’d start with something that I can pull from the recesses of my memory easier, than something completely obscure sounding (Parallel programming in Objective-C, for instance). Oh, well. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I really need a hair cut

It’s no secret that I’m losing my hair. I make no bones about hiding it from the world. Occasionally, though I do get a little upset about it. I shouldn’t, though. I mean, it’s not like it’s something that I’m doing to myself. Well, it is… but it isn’t… kinda.

The only problem I have with it, really, is that the hair that isn’t thinning seems to be growing at an exponentially faster rate than the hair that isn’t. This has left me with what I like to call the “melon head” look. Something between David Ogden Stiers and Arnold (from Hey Arnold)

Something inbetween these. Althoug, DoS has a classy look

I’m going to get the back and sides thinned out a little. That should help me look a little more presentable. Then I only have to figure out what I’m doing with my eyebrow eyebrows. The left one (my left, that is) has a funky scar that glides through it from one end to another, but doesn’t move due to nerve damage as a result of my head connecting with a sharp step when I was very young (both the scar and the nerve damage, that is). The right one moves quite nicely, and even manages to pull the left one up sometimes.

Because of the limp nature of my left eyebrow, I seem to be able to pull off a mighty impression of “The People’s Eyebrow” from time to time.

It’s the middle portion that really bugs me. I think I might give threading a go. I’ve heard it’s better than waxing and shaving – in that the hair stays shorter for longer – but I’ve heard nothing on the long term effects of it.

Oh, well. Until next time,


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