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So, it’s been 15-ish days since I last posted anything. If this were someone else’s blog, there’d be a lot of things to write about. For me, not so much. A few things, however, have happened recently. Here I go, diving straight into the first one (quite literally)

A New Chair

Until recently, the chair that I use for my computer based (also desk based) tomfoolery was a simple office chair. A nice little leather coated, swively, ball footed affair. That was, of course until I leaned a little too far back on it.

I was watching something, probably a LoadingReadyRun video or an episode of Botchamania, leaning back when …


Then, I was without a chair with a viable base.

Basically the column that rests between the seat and feet portions of the chair broke off (d’ya like me liberal use of technical terms there?), and pinged across the room. There I was, sitting on the floor, wondering what had happened.

Anyway, I decided that a new chair was called for.


I headed off to take a look at what UK based Internet retailers had to offer. There was nothing that took my eye… Until I saw the Admiral Boom Chair. It looked so cool. It had speakers built into it. It connected wirelessly to ANYTHING with audio ouput.


When it came, I had a little trouble putting it together.  But once it was together, it looked … well, take a look for yourself

My Admiral Boom Chair being sat on by Stitch


By now, I’d like to think that you all know how much I enjoy reading. There are very few things that I enjoy more than sitting in the sunshine, with a good book, and a tasty drink

Maybe some attractive ladies to perv on between pages

Anyway, I recently bought a whole bunch of new books. I posted a while back about buying a Kindle, and how good it was. If you remember I made a point of stating that I was running out of storage space for my books (one of the very few good excuses for not buying literature, in my opinion).  Well, I decided that I had enough space for a few more books. Specifically Mort, Interesting Times and Sourcery from the Discworld series… and this little gem.

For those who don’t know, Questionable Content is a web comic written by Jeph Jacques. He started it back in 2003, and it’s been going strong ever since then. So strong, in fact, that Jeph makes all of his money from merchandising and advertising related to QC. It’s updated EVERYDAY, which is quite novel for a web comic.

The exceptional part about the story of my buying the QC book is that it was sent from Massachusetts (I had to Google that, it’s such a hard word to spell phonetically) and arrived at my door in Yorkshire in 6 days. And that was they’re default shipping option – there was a priority option, too.

Along with those, I bought a whole bunch of books for my Kindle. I wont list them all, because that list would be both long and boring. Trust me when I say that I’ve bought near to 100 books for my Kindle in the last few weeks.

Side Note

A few weeks back, my brother (who is an absolute genius, and you can read his twitter here) made a cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake, but a… well, take a look see.

Seriously? How tasty does this look?

Really tatsy, that how much

I just thought that I’d leave these pictures here. They’re pretty well taken, don’t you think? Occasionally, I can take pictures that look really good; and I promise you that I didn’t use ANY photo editing magic on these (except for re-sizing).

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Int. A Computer Room – Anytime

I fired up my copy of Final Draft a few days ago and decided to re-write a few scripts I’d written years ago. These were based on an idea that my fried Simon and I had had, after watching Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in one sitting.

We’d decided that it wouldn’t be that hard to write a sitcom. Whilst I’ve never submitted anything that we wrote to a professional body for review, I think that the 3 episodes that are fully formed (and the other 4 in my head) work quite well. I’m thinking of updating my copy of Final Draft (so that it can export to PDF) and posting some of those PDF’s on here.

Something to think about, at least.

Oh! One last thing!

Fighting Foos

Those who know me will know that I’m a massive Foo Fighters fan. So, when I taught myself to play 5 tracks from their new album (it’s called Wasting Light) on my bass guitar, I was ecstatic. Those 5 songs are:

  • Rope
  • Dear Rosemary
  • White Limo
  • Alandria
  • I Should Have Known

These are tracks 2 – 5 and 10 on the new album (which you can still listen to for free, here. Or even watch for free, I’ll embed at the end of the post) and they are my favourite tracks from the album. Although, picking my favourite tracks from an exceptionally strong album was different.

Anyway, here’s the video of the entire album.


Right, I’d better be off. I’ve got a whole tray of free Chicken Biriani to eat (yum)


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