Keep This Under Your Hat

I received an email, toady from one brentafloss. He was informing people who have signed up to his mailing list

If you’re a fan of his, sign up to the mailing list. That is, if you haven’t already signed up

Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh, yes.

brentalfloss said in his email that he’s releasing an EP of some of his early work to raise the funds required to make his second album. I’m not sure on the background information, but both his collaborator/recording buddy Joe and brentalfloss himself have lost some of the resources needed to record his next CD.

Again, I have no idea what this means.

Anyway, since I like to see myself as a nice (ish) person

And, since I haven’t posted anything for such a long time

I thought I’d give the people who dare to read (and attempt to comprehend what I’m actually waffling on about) my posts a heads up about brentalfloss’ new EP. It’d be a great way for people to get exposed to his music style if they aren’t fans of video game music.

I’ll include a quote or two from the email at the end of the post, but remember SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST. I’m only doing this the one time because I try to be a nice person.

The Email

Hey guys,
Brent here. Just letting you know that in a few days I’ll be releasing a NEW EPJUST FOR MAILING LIST MEMBERS!
I considered a lot of your suggestions for how to raise money for the next CD, but instead of taking donations or doing elaborate contests, etc., I decided to do what I love to do: Make music. My sound engineer Joe and I took 8 pieces of music I wrote before I was ever known as “brentalfloss” and crammed them into a 6-track EP.

The recordings are just me at the piano–nothing fancy–but that’s the point: Joe and I have lost a lot of the resources necessary to make an album as good as “What if This CD… Had Lyrics?” and we’re going to need to raise a pretty big chunk of money for the next one. Unlike my other merch items, this one is specifically intended as a FUNDRAISING effort, so if you buy it, you’ll be doing two things: 1) Getting an exclusive piece of never-before-heard bonus material, and 2) You’re helping me to create a huge new album even better than the first!

So keep on the lookout for a message in the next few days, and again, THANKS for being on the mailing list! 🙂

Dicks, farts and love,

p.s. Whether you pass this information along is your choice, and it comes down to the type of person you are: If you’re a nice, people-pleaser type-person, tell other people that they should hurry up and join the mailing list. If you’re more the evil genius type, keep it to yourself and know that you get this special EP all to yourself, MWAHAHAHAHA!

Who Is This brentalfloss Of Whom You Speak

If you don’t know who brentalfloss is, then you can read more about him on his about page, or you can scroll down to the section labelled “Brentalfloss’ G Rated Track Pack” on this previous post.

That is all,



Sign up to the bretalfloss mailing list.

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