Firstly: No, I’m not retiring at the age of 25. That’s just ridiculous.

Unless, of course you are a Billionaire or something

I’ve been thinking about my retirement for a while now. What kind of retirement do I want? Where do I want to retire to? How much money do I want to live on?

In our current climate, this might seem a little backward. But think of it this way, I have only 40 more working years to collect as much dosh as I can, so that I can live comfortably in my old age.

Assuming I can retire at the age of 65, that is

So, it came as a slight shock when I received a letter, today from my local council saying that I’d accrued £13k in retirement money, while working a job that lasted a little over a year. Money that I wont be able to get to until I’m 65, and even then only in £300 instalments.

That’s pretty cool

This got me to thinking, with the current economic climate is it better to take that money and invest it into a private pension scheme or would it be better off where it is?

I mean, I hear of certain pension schemes going under all the time. One company that a relative worked for went under, because they’d reclaimed the funds that the company had put into the worker’s pension fund because… well, there was no answer given. I also read, recently about a company that specialised in pensions going bust and losing all the money that the innocent workers had put into it.

A Plan?

My idea is that: I’ll go round some of the big banks and building societies and see what they think, then I might get in touch with a chartered accountant and see what they think.

Obviously, the “impartial advice” I receive from the banks and building societies will be completely lop-sided, and I should say that it might also cost me a lot of money to get a consultation with a chartered accountant. But I think that in the end it’ll be worth it. I mean, at least that I’ve taken a look into the different options available.

I’d also rather not have a whole bunch of different pension schemes paying me at, potentially, different times once I’ve retired. If I can’t remember what happened last week, how am I going to remember to let each of these individual companies know where I live when I turn 65?

As I say, I’m planning on looking and finding out. If i where in the intelligence business

I’m not allowed to say whether I am or whether I’m not, by the way

… I’d say that this was a fact finding mission.

But I’m not.

So I wont.



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