The Idea

A whole day of speaking, entirely in rhyme.

The Inspiration

A few years back, I witnessed something utterly amazing: One of the greatest lecturers I’ve ever studied under performed what he called “A Lecture In Rhyme.” It was, basically, a lecture about .NET and the Microsoft programming technologies that where (at the time) emerging with the medium of rap.

I’ve searched for a link to the video that was taken, but I can’t seem to find it.

Doing It

Actually doing this (Day in Rhyme) will be difficult, but I think it’s doable. It’ll force me to think about what I’m saying, and how to say it succinctly.

I think it’ll teach me to use the words that I don’t get to use that often – and maybe some new words.


Proving that I’ve actually done this could be difficult, too. Maybe logging what I’ve said in response to people and posting it up on here might be a way around it.

It might mean carrying a Dictaphone around with me at all times, though. Something I should do, anyway, for when I come up with ideas

In Other Words

Watch this space. I’ll be thinking about how and when I can do this, and how to put the results up on here.

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