So, today I was sitting with a lovely gentleman at work who wanted a website developing; which is cool…


Those of you who know me, and maybe a few of the more avid readers (‘Do I have any Internet stalkers yet? No? Shame‘) will know that I’m a software developer, and that I dabble in web development (see my website: as an example). I’m not great at it, but I can hold my end up.

You do that around here, and you’ll get your temperature taken

Lt. Colonel Henry Blake

I’m not brilliant at CSS or flash, but I feel confident in HTML.

The Request

So, the request from this gentleman (who shall remain nameless) came off the back of the work I’d done (and am continuing to do) to advertise ARKH; which is where I work.

Side note: If any of you get the chance to check out some of the work these guys [ARKH] do, I would heartily reccomend it. They are all awesome!

So I was chatting with this gent, trying to figure out how we could go about building a website for his stuff – to advertise the football team he manages. A team you should totally check out, by the way Spring Bank Tigers is what they’re called.

We ended up settling for a blog rather than a full blown website. This was due to the ease of adding content. There’s no real need to jump hip deep into HTML/CSS to add content to a blog. Sure there are things you might not be able to do, but for what he wanted to do a blog seemed more than perfect.

Just thought I’d let you guys know about that.

Also, I apologise for the blatant advertising.


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