I awoke, this morning, from a strange dream. I’ll go into the details of the dream in a few moments. Before I do however, I ask that after you’ve read this post, you give me some kind of feedback with similar dreams, or such nonsense.


I was walking around my local HMV with a friend of mine. She was being very indecisive, and we were chatting about this and that. We had our arms linked, but in a completely platonic way. As we reached the World Cinema section (something both my friend and I have a keen interest in), our conversation turned to matters of such films.

After a few moments like this, we turned to leave the store (after all we were just browsing). On our way out of the store, however, we came across my ex-girlfriend. She saw us, arms linked, assuming we were an item, and flew into a blind rage. Yelling at the top of her voice that I had no right to date someone else so soon, and that she felt betrayed by the fact that I had gotten over her so quickly (at the time of writing this post, it has been over a year since we broke up).

She then assured me, and for some reason I believed her, that she would have her revenge. What that meant, I had no idea.

My friend and I then left, strange looks on our faces, chatting about how paranoid and jealous my ex-girlfriend had been. We made our way to a coffee shop, ordered some drinks and sat talking.

After a while, I got a text message for an anonymous sender telling me that I should watch out, as there was someone following me. I brushed this off as a marketing ploy aimed at paranoid people. That was until I got the same message from another anonymous person. Then one of the employees of the coffee shop told me – rather surreptitiously – that there had been someone following me since I entered the store. Going to the bathroom when I did, standing behind me in the queue when I went up to order more drinks, etc.

As we got up to leave  my ex-girlfriend stormed into the coffee shop, grabbed me by the arm, spun me round and said that she’d placed a hit on me. I was to expect to be attacked later that day, towards the evening, by a person whom I could think of as a werewolf.

This is where things got really strange.

Acting on that knowledge, my friend and I fled to the monastery around the corner (because I know of all the monastery’s in my home town </sarcasm>), claimed sanctuary, and went inside.

We told the clergy of my situation, and the advised that I stay the night. However, there was only one room with a bed, and they reserved that for married couples. As we were not married, we would have to sleep in the courtyard.

My friend promptly suggested that we get married. She claimed that, since we would be inside the main building of the monastery, there would be less of a chance of the werewolf getting in and attacking me; since such places are protected against things like that.

For some reason, all of this didn’t sound far-fetched and I went along with it. We had a brief, will you/wont you ceremony, and settled down in the bedroom in the back.

We were sitting on the bed, my mind racing with the events of the day, when there was a commotion in the prayer hall. We could here loud arguments and lots of coughing. We surmised that an ill beggar had come in, seeking a place to sleep.

Suddenly a scream.

We sat in terror, wanting to find out what had happened, but not wanting to leave the security of the room.

The door burst open. A priest was telling us to leave, “Run! Get out of here!” He was struck down in the door way, and a mighty creature entered the room. This hairy beast grabbed me by the leg and dragged me out of the room.

At that point I woke up.

Meaning, and Where I go From Here

If I were an irresponsible writer, I would take this story to a publisher, adopt a ridiculous pen name – say Mephenie Steyer – and sell this dream for all it’s worth.

I like to think of myself as neither a pulp fiction writer, not an irresponsible one. Therefore, I will not.

Side note:

Somehow, WordPress knew what I was alluding to when I typed that ridiculous pen name, and suggested the tag of “Twilight”. This software is quite clever, I must say.

Searching for meanings in dreams is, from my point of view, foolish and a waste of time. I’m not a psychologist, and seeking one out to try and understand this dream would be foolish. How can someone explain what my sub-concious mind is telling me, when all of the trappings of daily life are removed, without knowing all of the experiences I have had to date?

Anyway, I thought I’d post the details of this ridiculous dream, and see what you guys thought. Have a good weekend – I’m surely going to try.


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