Today I’ve been having a relaxed day. It started with a phone call about an interview on Friday, followed by Enchilada’s, some DvD entertainment and some light reading – so far, that is.

It seems that I’ve got an interview, for a job I know nothing about, on Friday afternoon at 2:45pm. Because I’ve been unemployed and claiming unemployment benefits for six months, they (the benefit people) have decided that they’re going to apply for jobs on my behalf – maybe they think I don’t know how to apply, or something. Either way, they passed on my details on Thursday, and the company managed to get in contact with me this morning. Because this job was applied for on my behalf, I have no clue what the job entails. The gentleman I talked to this morning said that he’d send me some information on the role, in the post. That was nice of him.

My brother had decided that we were going to have Enchilada’s for lunch.  He’d even been out and bought the ingredients while I was on the phone with the gent about the job. So, we made them together – as we always do – while chatting about this and that. Although we see each other everyday, we always have something new to talk about. It was about this time I received the classic film ‘Network’ in the post. Naturally, I was enthused and my brother, not so.

We retired with our food, and sat down to watch a little Ultimate Force, and amazingly well done British TV series about the S.A.S. It stars Ross Kemp (of TV Soap Eastenders fame) as the hard bitten but loveable Henry ‘Henno’ Garvie, the leader of Red Troop. My brother has been a fan for a long time, but I’ve only just started watching it. It’s very good.

After we’d finished watching a particularly good episode – wherein Red Troop are sent into a post Soviet Era country to rescue two little girls who have been kidnapped by Russian loyalists – I streamed the new Michael Jackson song (‘Breaking News’), as my brother had not heard it yet. I’d recommend listening to it, even if you’re not a fan. Here is a link. However, I’ve been having trouble streaming it since it when live yesterday. I figure that they’re having bandwidth issues, as everyone and their mother have been trying to stream it since it when live.

After that, I decided that I would partake in some reading. The only question is, What to read?


Some of the books, I have to read

As you can see, dear readers, I have quite a few books to work my way through. I concede that the top three are DvDs, though. Still that’s a quite a few books to get through before the years end. I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve had the Charlie Brooker ones since May/April time, after a friend of mine lent me them (‘These’ll keep you busy till you find a job’, he’d said). I’ve only managed to get half way through the first of his (Screen Burn) so far. I’m on my second read through of ‘Moab is my Washpot‘, and I frequently re-read sections of Oscar Wilde’s Complete Short Fiction.

That’s not all, though, dear readers. I’ve a stack of comic books to read through, too. I’ve recently gotten my hands on the classic Shadowman and The Mask comics. The first thing I noticed about The Mask comics is that they’re completely different to the film that was based on them. I wont spoil anything for anyone who wants to read them, though. The same with the Shadowman comics. Except it wasn’t a film that was based on them, it was a very dark video game that was based on them.

Right, I’m going to sign off. I’m not sure what I’m going to read, but there you have it.


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