Yup. Turns out that I’ve done all of my work for today, already. I’ve only been here for 33 minutes, too. I shall have to get a cup of tea, I think.

There’s only one other guy in today, and he’s had to go out to meet with some people. I’m waiting on a meeting with the boss (“Remember: If he’s old, got white hair and wear glasses, he could be the bad guy from Thunderbirds” – My brother). He’ going to run me through my contract and things like that.

Not much else to say, really. Other than the fact that we were out of cereal this morning, and I had to have a protein shake, which as loud to make; and that I’m only in for a few hours today. Hopefully, I’ll get to hang out with my brother before he goes to work today. Probably not, though


Today, I met a young lady who has been made homeless in the last few weeks. She has a 3 month old little girl. The law states that the government have a duty of care for the child, but not for the mother. They have said that they would be happy to take the baby into care, but this will split the mother and child up.

We’ve pointed out that supporting the mother and child together (I.E. not splitting them up) will be cheaper and in the baby’s best interest, but they’re not having any of it.

Ben has been on the phone all morning trying to arrange ANYTHING for this lady. But he keeps getting the ‘I’ll just put you through to someone who can help’ maneuver. I really want us to be able to help this lady, but it’s looking a little desperate.

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