There I am, at work, doing my daily grind – which really has become a daily grind, since I started completing my day’s worth of work 15 minutes after stepping in – when I hear something quite shocking.

No, it wasn’t the incident over in Korea. Which, I’ll grant you is one hell of a lot more shocking than what I’m about to tell you.

Apparently, the place where I work (that doesn’t seem grammatically correct, but I’ll leave it there) have had their funding pulled.

This is terrible news. It means that, effectively, we have to down size dramatically. Strangely enough, I’ll still have a job, but no where to go and do it.

I’m working for a Charitable organisation, you see. An organisation that relies on funding from both the public and private sector. Funding that, as I have mentioned, has been cut. A bunch of people were concerned about it last week, and they’ve received notification today, that the funding for the rest of the financial year (until April 2011) has been cut in half.

As I mentioned, this affects everyone who works there, except for me. Kind of.

My wages are paid by a third party, namely the Government. In theory, this means that I’ll continue to get paid, regardless of what happens. But it’s still quite disconcerting to know that the funding has been spliced in half.

Hopefully you’ll understand, dear readers, why I put off yesterday’s post.


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