This year’s Desert Bus is about to begin. Well, I say that; there’s another 4 hours until it begins (at the time of writing). If you don’t know what Desert Bus is, then I suggest you either visit the site or read about it on the Loading Ready Run wiki article.

I’m quite excited, for two reasons:

1. It’s my first Desert Bus ever

This’ll be the first Desert Bus I get to watch, which is pretty cool. I’ve seen the videos from the previous years, and I really want to ‘get in on the action’ as it were.

2. I got my reference from Paul

This has nothing to do with Desert Bus or Loading Ready Run. I’m just happy that, a month after I asked him, my previous boss (Paul) has managed to get me to write a reference for myself, take it in to his place of work, and gotten him to sign it.

Oh, and I apologise for the over use of formatting and style editing there. I’ve only just discovered the ‘Kitchen Sink’ mode on here. It’s pretty neat.

Other than that, my to-day has been going rather well. My brother and I had Enchiladas for lunch – except that it was a late lunch, around 3pm ish – we’ve been playing video games, and having a fun time of it.

That’s, basically, it.


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