So, I’m at work right now. All by my lonesome in the office. The Boss had just stepped out to pick up some paper work, Paul’s gone to the bank, and everyone else has gone for an early lunch.

I was a little worried on Monday, that I’d worked myself out of a job., and I might have done just that.  For this week at least.  Turns out that there were a whole bunch of jobs that needed doing (setting up of databases, template letters, collating information) that needed doing before next week. Yeah, about that.

Is it wrong that I’ve done all of those jobs already? My feeling is that, it is wrong. Considering that my PC is right next to the bosses, I have to keep pulling up documents every time I catch him glancing over, out of the corner of my eye. Until right now, that is.

I’d get some lunch myself, but for two reasons:

1) Not hungry yet – I only tend to eat when I’m hungry. It means meal times a little sporadic some days, but it works for me.

2) They’ve all gone for lunch or whatever, and I’ve no keys; so I can’t lock the place up.

On the plus side, I’m logged on as Admin, so I can install anything I want. But I’m not going to do that. I’ll just have to find something mildly work related to do.

Maybe I’ll start inventorying the stationary – which is next week’s big job. Maybe not.

Either way, have fun,


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