Firstly, I’m still working on my post about how Google works and how best to use it. It’s been put back a few days, it might even end up being a weekend post – something I’m not a huge fan of.

So, today I started a new job. It’s a bog standard office job. General admin *salutes*, mostly. Sitting behind a pc working on something or other for several hours a day. Except for Wednesdays and Thursdays, when I’ll be helping out in English class. Which is nice.

So far, I’ve been told that my hours are pretty relaxed. Because it’s only a 25 hours per week contract, that works out at five hours a day. That is, until we discussed the Wednesday/Thursday thing. Turns out they want me in from 9am till 5pm each day, with a half hour lunch break that comes to fifteen hours over those two days. Which only leaves 10 hours over the remaining days of the week. I’ve been told that I can either do 9am till 2pm on Monday and Tuesday or, if I’d prefer my Monday’s free, Tuesday and Friday. It’s up to me.

How awesome is that? Quite, eh?

Except that it’s at national minimum wage. – which for the UK is anything between £5.80 to £5.93 per hour. With a quick bit of recreational maths,that comes to…


25 hours @ £5.80 = £145


25 hours @ 5.93 = £148.25

This is, obviously, before I’m taxed – which, because I’ve been unemployed for so long, will be the highest rate they can legally enforce on me. Something that they like to call ‘Emergency Tax‘. The official information says that a person can ear somewhere in the region of £6000 before they are charged with it. But experience will tell anyone reading that information that they’re going to be taxed a massive amount either way. The kicker being that, if I want it back, I can’t have it back until April (the next tax year).

In unrelated news, I’ve been listening to ‘Hold My Hand’ a lot. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s the first single from Michael – the first new album of previously unreleased material by Michael Jackson. That is, previously unofficially released material. Although, Epic and the Estate have been pretty good so far to have only included two songs that where previously leaked, an early version of ‘Hold My Hand’ and a version of ‘The Way You Love Me’. I’ve no idea if the latter has had any work done on it since it was leaked, though. Time will tell.

Like I said, my post on Google is coming. It’s just taking a while. I want it to be as detailed as my post on Harvard Referencing, which you should go and read, because it’s really good.

Either way, be good to each other.


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