My newest upload is a simple piece of C++ code – again, written on Linux, but this time not uploaded as a compiled binary. This piece of code is based on the Mandelbrot Set, a little information about which can be found on The Wiki. There’s also an amazing song that manages to compress the whole of that article and more into a 4 minute rock song; which can be found here by the amazing Jonathan Coulton.

As was previously stated, this code is C++, I’ve uploaded the original cpp file, so you can add it to a project, or just compile it by itself. If you do, however, nothing will be outputted. This is because the code is designed to use the OpenGL or DirectX APIs to output the image.

I’ve already compiled and checked this on Windows and Ubuntu Linux. Because of the very nature of the beast, you’ll need to plug in some extra OpenGL code, but that’s easy enough to do.

Update (19/01/2013):
Here is a link to the cpp file Here is a link to a post describing the code and the process behind it all.

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