I’ve found myself reading a lot of books recently. Not that bad, you might think. Except that the books I’m reading are quite expensive. Again, not so bad, you might think. Except that I’m unemployed and that I’m reading through 2 or 3 books each week. Now, a few of these books are inexpensive. For instance, I picked up one for £3 – which is nice. But my last 5 purchases have been in the range of £20 each.

I’ve had to start going to the library again. Although, the problem with that is that I get a few books, bring them home, put them down and never read them. I think it might be something to do with not actually owning them. I mean, they’re interesting subjects; Ancient Greek civilisation, Classical Latin, High level Maths, etc.. But I’m really finding it difficult to pick them up and read them.

I’ve set aside a lot of time in my day, today, to read the library books because they’ve got to be back in a week.

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