So, I’m new to blogging.

Well, not “new” exactly. I’ve decided that instead of editing my main website each time I wanted to add something, I could just blog it on here, and link my website to this blog. Less work involved for all.

And let’s face it, computer scientists are very lazy animals. Perhaps, “animals” isn’t the correct word. But, you get the point.

Also, you should totally check out my website here I’ve got some more detailed information, a few programming demo’s up, some contact information, and some song demo’s on there.

Shameless plug, over. Honestly.

That is all.

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Jamie is a .NET developer specialising in ASP.NET MVC websites and services, with a background in WinForms and Games Development. When not programming using .NET, he is either learning about .NET Core (and usually building something cross platform with it), speaking Japanese to anyone who'll listen, learning about languages, writing for this blog, or writing for a blog about Retro Gaming (which he runs with his brother)